Forensic Billing


Turn written off accounts into revenue

Accurate and affordable service

Generate substantial bottom line revenue recovery


ARMCO's Forensic Billing Suite assures your patients required data and billing information before and/or after claims are submitted.

ARMCO's prebill analysis will accurately and affordably corrects demographic, insurance, coding, and billing information before claims are submitted, increasing the likelihood of submitting a clean claim, mitigating resource-intensive appeals and ultimately reducing the number of payor denials.

Our Forensic Billing staff specialize in recovering claims and/or overturning denials. Many clients focus our efforts on claims with dollar figures that previously may have been written off due to time and/or resource constraints. Not only will this have a positive impact on your bottom line, but it will also limit coding staff burnout and reduce inefficiencies.

ARMCO’s staff has successfully helped us gain control of our forensic process dealing with problematic billing, clinical appeals, and coding issues. Their results have been outstanding, adding over $11 million in cash last year by cleaning edits, resubmitting denials on technical errors, and locating missing charges.

Thomas, Vice President for Patient Accounting

What good is all of this if it doesn't positively affect future behavior and bottom-line revenue? ARMCO resources will also provide you with the necessary data your healthcare organization can use to measure revenue cycle performance, track denial codes, and other key performance indicators.

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