Jeff McQuillan

Jeff is the Founder & CEO of ARMCO Partners and ARMCO Healthcare Services, Inc. He has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and built his businesses, in the U.S. and offshore in the Philippines. His expertise in the industry, work ethic and dedication to the company’s employees, clients and partners have all contributed to the company’s rapid growth.

The foundation of Jeff’s company, as well as his personal ethos, is grounded in consistent, loyal, long-term relationships. His reputation and business alliances are a testament to his integrity.

Jeff is actively involved in all aspects of operations at ARMCO, and has ensured that the company is financially stable and capitally efficient. Additionally, ARMCO’s CISO and IT team to continually invest in the latest technology and security to maintain HIPAA compliance.  

Jeff’s management philosophy is to incorporate education and empowerment. As the leader of ARMCO, he has initiated programs to train and certify hundreds of employees to receive U.S. certification in healthcare disciplines. Through on-going education and career opportunities, ARMCO has extremely high employee retention.

Prior to ARMCO, Jeff was a co-founder of eWebHealth which was the first company to offer remote medical coding technology. eWebHealth was subsequently purchased by ChartOne. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who takes pride and responsibility for the success of everyone associated with his company.

Jeff holds a degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of South Carolina.  

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