Medical Coding


Average Experience of ARMCO Coding Specialist: 6 Years

24/7/365 Availability and Support with Guaranteed 24-48 Hour Turnaround

100% Transparent Quality Assurance Program


ARMCO delivers a full range of proven, field-tested coding services that assist with the reduction of backlogs, improved cash flow, and the mitigation of non-compliance risk. Our Coding Specialists and Coding Reviewers are proficient in a wide range of disciplines for both facility and physician based coding. 


  • Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Same Day Surgery and Observation
  • Emergency Department and Ancillary
  • Interventional Radiology 


  • Coding Specialists with a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing and AHIMA and/or AAPC coding credentials
  • Continual education for further staff development and tested throughout the year through various AHIMA assessments to ensure 95% accuracy requirement for DRG assignment.
  • We require mandatory quarterly educational sessions are required of each Coding Specialist and Coding Reviewer.
There are endless coding and billing companies in the market today – too many in my honest opinion. But few that I’ve worked with have the amount of clinical expertise that every one of ARMCO’s employees possesses. Having coders that are certified nurses and up to date on the nuances of billing in Pennsylvania has alleviated me from having to micromanage their resources – putting countless hours back in my week!

CECILIA, Senior Director – Medical Coding

We keep each coder current on industry trends and regulations with briefings on Coding Compliance, Decision Health, and MedLearn Publishing Case Studies/Newsletters. We also make use of the Medicare Learning Network as another of our continuing mandatory educational requirements of ARMCO Coding Specialists and Coding Reviewers.

Our preferred offering includes a long-term partnership, however, we also provide interim coding on an as needed basis with volume guarantees. Our per record fee encourages our team to focus on accuracy over the need to produce a certain number of charts per hour.


Reduce backlogs. Improve cash flow. Streamline coding operations. Reduce non-compliance risk. Get ARMCO.